Current Openings

At Paramount Equity, we are building something special. We are revolutionizing the mortgage business. Each individual team member shares the owner’s passion in constantly improving the customer experience. We have created an environment that encourages people to innovate and grow. At Paramount Equity, your ideas and efforts have a direct effect and immediate impact on the company with career defining results.

We are always looking for talented professionals to join our team. So if you share our passion and commitment for making a difference, we look forward to hearing from you.

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Corporate Openings
Job Title Location ID
Marketing Coordinator Roseville, CA PEM-MKTC
Office / Administrative Assistant Roseville, CA PEM-OA
Operations Openings
Job Title Location ID
Closer/Funder Roseville, CA PEM-CLS
Conventional Underwriter Roseville, CA PEM-CUW
Document Closer/Document Drawer Roseville, CA PEM-DDFA
Government Underwriter Roseville, CA PEM-DEUW
Government Underwriter Rockville, MD PEM-DEUWMD
Mortgage Loan Processor Lake Oswego, OR PEM-PROCPORT
Mortgage Loan Processor Rockville, MD PEM-PROCMD
Mortgage Loan Processor Roseville, CA PEM-PROC
Mortgage Loan Processor Sacramento, CA PEMD-PROC
Mortgage Loan Processor Scottsdale, AZ PEM-PROCPHX
Mortgage Loan Processor Vancouver, WA PEM-PROCVAN
Sales Openings
Job Title Location ID
Account Executive Roseville, CA PEM-AERSVL
Account Executive Sacramento, CA PEMD-AE
Account Executive (Part-Time) Sacramento, CA PEMD-AEPT
Inside Sales and Customer Service Representative Sacramento, CA PEMD-ISCSR
Junior Loan Officer Sacramento, CA PEMD-AMS
Mortgage Consultant Roseville, CA PEM-MCRSVL
Mortgage Consultant Sacramento, CA PEM-MCSAC
Mortgage Consultant Vancouver, WA PEM-MCVAN
Mortgage Loan Officer Lake Oswego, OR PEM-FSPORT
Mortgage Loan Officer Overland Park, KS PEM-FSKS
Mortgage Loan Officer Rockville, MD PEM-FSMD
Mortgage Loan Officer Roseville, CA PEM-FSSAC
Mortgage Loan Officer Sacramento, CA PEMD-FS
Mortgage Loan Officer Scottsdale, AZ PEM-FSPHX
Value 360 Openings
Job Title Location ID
None Found n/a n/a